Flying – Integrated

The practical flying must be integrated into the syllabus for the ATP-integrated and MPL licensee courses.
The flights covers the requirements as stipulated in Air crew regulations part FCL 745.A.
The course is made up by 2-3 flights of  1:00 -1:30 hr. each in our aerobatic rated Super Decathlon. Alternatively on flight in a spin approved Utility class aircraft may replace part of the initial training, according to the agreement between the school and LenAir.
Time: 3 hours
– Roskilde Airport (EKRK)
– Anywhere in Europe as agreed.

The following exercises and G-loads will be covered:
Aircraft familiarzation
Steep turns up to 90° transient banked turn
Spiral dive
Stall, different types including all attitude stalls and slip/skid stalls
Nose high and nose low recoveries – 60°nose-up and 30°nose-down attitudes, bank 45°
G loads in the range 2.5 to -1G.
Spin, incipient and fully developed spin. Aircraft fully  certified for spins.
The training cover visual, Simulated IMC and two pilot crew recoveries with a train-to-proficiency concept.
Surprise and startling effect will be introduced and mitigation methods