What our students think about us

Takk for hyggelig kurs. Jeg er meget fornøyd med kurset. Som kurslederen selv nevnte i slutten av kurset blir det en god del mer monolog når slik gjøres over Internett. Så det eneste kunne vært å stille enda flere spørsmål underveis til kursdeltagerne. Dette ble gjort en del, men kan kanskje forsøke å «kreve» enda mer av kursdeltagerne neste gang, slik at det blir enda mer kommunikasjon mellom alle som er med. Men igjen, alt fungerte veldig bra. Lyd og bilde funket bra under hele kurset. Meget fornøyd.

Student pilot Officer
Non type-rated cadet

What do you think about the instructor ? Very knowledgeable, obviously very experienced. Good at trying to involve students for discussion revolving the topic. What do you think about Zoom the online tool we used ? Easy platform to use. Most issues was the poor broadband from my side, but otherwise not a problem. How was the structure lessons lenght contra breaks ? Good. Type a question Basics of aerodynamics and ear anatomy not really required as most of us have undergone these subjects through ATPL theory. Although involving real world incidents and accidents and discussing them was very insightful and eye-opening. Breathe, analyse, decide technique understandable and very important to learn, looking forward to applying this in practice at LenAir.

Licensed CPL

What do you think about the instructor ? He really knows how to teach. He made the lesson was very informative and never boring. Besides, since he clearly has a lot of experience in the aviation, he told us few extra facts/stories that usually you do not find in the text-books What do you think about Zoom the online tool we used ? It was honestly my third experience in the last 2 months with ZOOM. It works very well, making me feel like I was fisically in the classroom How was the structure lessons lenght contra breaks ? We had only a short break (10 minutes) for coffee after one hour of lesson and then lunch break (30 minutes). I did not feel the need to have more breaks Type a question It was very compact, interessant and focusing the whole to the main points of the subjects without waste of time. Keep it in that way 🙂 Only one thing about the videos: a couple of them were showing a low framerate (despite the connection was probably very good)

Super online kursus, leksioner af tilpas længde med pauser imellem. Flot præsentation af stoffet på powerpoint, med diverse youtube film sekvenser. Super god instruktør som var inde i stoffet, og lod til at have meget stor erfaring. alt i alt meget trefreds.

Student Pilot
Instructor CAPA

What do you think about the instructor ? Easy to follow. Good selection of cases to emphasize the theoretical content. What do you think about Zoom the online tool we used ? I was surpriced how well it supported the presentation. How was the structure lessons lenght contra breaks ? The lesson just before lunch went a little long. Apart from that very good time management. I think the content was kept to the relevant only. Very nice. I knew most of the cases/videos beforehand. But it's no wast to look at them from a new perspective. The UPRT perspective. The control of the course when we looked at and analysed different upsets. The instructor could have asked one specific student at a time, instead of asking out in plenum. That makes sure that noone hides in the corner.


Super beeing teached online by video conferencing tool Zoom. Saved a lot of transportatin time this way. Great online instructor,who could answer 95% of the questions. Great presentation of all the UPRT stuf. Wery satysfied course it is recomendeble.