Advanced UPRT Theoretical knowledge course - Online

The course:
Online live training – you are online with the instructor, so you can discuss, pose questions etc. live, just like in a class room.

You will receive an invitation with a link, so you easily can join the online course.

We start the day by checking the connection with our IT-department present to ensure the audio and video.

Time schedule

  •  9:00 Before course start, check/test of your connection by our IT dept.
  •  9:30 Training start with our instructor
  • 15:30 End of course
    The course includes 5 hours training plus breaks and lunch for a total of 6 hrs.

When you have succefully completed the theoretical training, LenAir will issue a certificate of completion.

The theoretical knowledge course covers the requirements  as per ‘Aircrew regulations part FCL 745.A’
The theoretical course is considered an integral part of the Advanced UPRT course, but may be taken separately.

The UPRT course is offered to individuals typically seeking the CPL(A) or first type rating.
Flying schools offering integrated ATP-courses and/or modular courses may apply this theoretical knowledge course in their curriculum.

The requirements are described in ‘Article 4b’