Flying school with special focus:

  • Advanced UPRT
  • Aerobatics
  • Tailwheel
  • LAPL/PPL w/integrated tailwheel
  • Renewal, revalidations and conversions

LenAir Adventures, offers 
Flying adventure trips to Alaska:

  • Seaplane rating
  • Bush and mountain flying
  • Glacier flying
  • Backcountry¬† (longer) trips

Our instructors are highly qualified with a base in aerobatic flying, plenty of flying experience ranging from world class aerobatics competition to years of flying airlines.

While UPRT is not aerobatic flying, the base in aerobatic flying ensures familiarity with extreme upsets attitudes as well as high angle of attack flying, thus providing the extra room for maneuvering during training.
All instructors for the ‘EASA 745.A, Advanced UPRT Course’ are qualified according to EASA part FCL.915(e).

Jakob Nielsen og Lennart Wahl